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Why debate in Canada over military drone use is sorely needed

Earlier this year, Canada’s chief of defence staff assured Canadians that the Armed Forces won’t be using the armed drones they are bent on acquiring on “Hollywood” style assassination missions. That is certainly good to know, but it will take … Continue reading

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Exporting arms

Letter in today’s Globe and Mail in response to the editorial, “Ottawa Comes Clean on Arms Exports” (17 August 2016) The choices for controlling military exports are not to either “block arms sales to anyone who might actually use them” or … Continue reading

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Time to review Canada’s arms export policy

John Lamb and Ernie Regehr Having now at least acknowledged that it has the authority, indeed responsibility, to cancel export permits to ship armored combat vehicles to Saudi Arabia under certain conditions, the Government needs to take the next logical … Continue reading

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A flawed Arms Trade Treaty: Taking courage from a flawed NPT

Elements of the peace and disarmament community are currently engaged in a spirited debate over whether the new Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is an achievement worth celebrating or a failure that could actually harm arms transfer control efforts in the … Continue reading

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RCMP confirms investigation into Canadian drone transfers to Libya

The RCMP has confirmed that it has been asked to investigate whether the transfer of Canadian built drones to Libya was in violation of Canadian regulations to implement a UN arms embargo on Libya.

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Canadian drones and the UN arms embargo on Libya

The sale of a Canadian-built surveillance drone to Libyan rebels last summer may well have been in violation of the UN arms embargo. The Government says it has asked the RCMP to investigate.

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On CIGI’s “Inside the Issues”

A conversation with David A. Welch, CIGI Chair of Global Security and Interim Director of the Balsillie School of International Affairs, on civil society and peace advocacy.

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Arming Repression? Military Exports to Countries that Violate Human Rights

There is a clear global norm, if not yet enforceable international law, against supplying arms to states engaged in serious and persistent human rights violations. To what extent is it a norm that arms suppliers, including Canada, honor in practice? … Continue reading

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Fuelling Wars? Military Exports to Countries in Armed Conflict

In contrast to the United States, Canada largely manages to avoid exporting major Canadian military commodities directly to countries at war.[i] A recent report out of the US[ii] shows the Pentagon’s Foreign Military Sales program to have entered into arms … Continue reading

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Negotiating the Arms Trade Treaty, and learning from Gaza

As work finally gets underway at the UN on a treaty to govern international arms transfers, Amnesty International’s call for an arms embargo on all parties to the Gaza conflict points to principles and processes by which such a treaty … Continue reading

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