Gorbachev’s Legacy of Peace

Craig and Marc Kielburger of Free the Children go on The Huffington Post to urge a new generation to take up the challenge of ending the nuclear threat.

Excerpt: “…So how do we end the threat? [Ernie] Regehr says there is little public pressure to move quickly on disarmament. ‘The political process responds to pressure.
Populations support nuclear disarmament, but they are not creating pressure,’
he says.”

The authors go on to say: “Our generation has to create that pressure. As Gorbachev himself told us, ‘Every generation must be ready to take the relay from the previous generation and move forward’.”

For the full Post, go to http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/craig-and-marc-kielburger/mikhail-gorbachev_b_1105143.html?ref=impact&ir=Impact.


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