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Towards an international commission on the resort to force

Traditionally, when Canadian Governments have had no convincing idea of what to do on a particular issue, or when they’ve known what should be done but just didn’t want to do it, their preferred option has been to appoint a … Continue reading

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Revisiting, and Reviving, the Responsibility to Protect (R2P)

The UN General Assembly will take up the doctrine of the “responsibility to protect” next week, reviewing the Secretary-General’s 2009 report[i] on implementation and launching a general debate. It may only be more words, but this is an issue on … Continue reading

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Sri Lanka and counterinsurgency wars

Does the Sri Lankan Government’s defeat of the Tamil Tigers call for a reassessment of the prevailing wisdom that military counter-insurgency campaigns rarely work? In some wars, victory is as devastating as the alternative. In Pakistan’s Swat Valley, according to … Continue reading

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NPT PrepCom ends on a positive, though not triumphant, note

The 2009 NPT PrepCom managed to get beyond the rancor and discord that has characterized other recent NPT meetings and to focus instead on concrete discussions and proposals – not enough to guarantee success for the 2010 Review Conference, but … Continue reading

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